2003 Na Hoku Hanohano
Lifetime Acheivement Award Winner

Buddy Fo

Buddy has been a headliner/stand-up entertainer most of his life. He started out as a young man by putting together a four-part harmony group called, The Invitations, which was so excellent that in itself made he and the group a legend. It was the first group out of Hawaii to go to Los Angeles and record in a major recording studio. The Invitations recordings are still considered a major achievement in the history of Hawaiian music.

Buddy went on to become a headliner/stand-up entertainer in Waikiki for years. At this time the top three entertainers in Waikiki were: Don Ho, Buddy Fo, and Kui Lee. Buddy eventually moved to Maui where he once again became a headliner at the Kaanapali Beach hotel for five years, and then a Hawaaiian cowboy show at the Maui Tropical Plantation for ten years. Buddy loves creating new venues for entertaining. He was even the top radio personality for 15 years on Maui radio, known as, 'the Maui Bud'.

Buddy was called out of retirement by Don Ho, who told him that his expertise in music and knowledge of a time gone by should be shared. Buddy joined the Don Ho show and then went on to perform with his wife, Sammi, at the Royal Hawaiian Hotels' Mai Tai Bar. He has since won a Na Hoku Lifetime Achievement Award and had his latest album nominated for a 2006 Na Hoku.

Now, buddy and wife, Sammi, who was his co-producer and choreographed for all these years, have condensed and combined their expertise into a duo. They perform Hawaiian music as it was known then, with a modern twist, sprinkling it with hapa-haole, and timeless treasures of jazz and latin.

Buddy plays ukulele and sings lead, and Sammi does back-up vocals and plays conga drums, excelling in a style of hula that is not seen anymore.

Sammi Fo

Sammi is one of Hawaii's premier hula dancers, dancing a style of hula that isn't seen much anymore. It might be described as, flirtatious or risque. What ever type of hula she does, from good-fun hula's to love songs, from name places to cowboy hula's, she has a unique style of her own and captures the attention of all that see's.

Sammi is the only hula dancer that, 'translates as she dances', with a wireless mic, a difficult accomplishment to master.

She has danced not only for the Buddy Fo show(s) but also danced for and/or toured with Don Ho, Tommy Sands, Dick Jenson, and Elvis Presley (she danced the Blue Hawaii solo in Elvis' Blue Hawaii TV special.)

Sammi has been featured at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel as lead dancer and choreographer. She has danced in many hotels in Waikiki and Maui, and in the convention circuit for many years. She dances with style and personality.

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Buddy Fo (center) and
The Invitations 1960
Buddy and Sammi Fo